How I see it. Liz



So, my name is Taylor Elizabeth, or the Liz in the screen name. I am crazy, upbeat, and so many other things, but that isn’t all I am. I have many different sides and one of which has it’s base here on this blog, or website, or whatever you want to call it. This part of me, has struggled in the past, a lot, with personal self-esteem issues, and it is an on going battle for me. But I have come such a long way, and feel so much better about my self. In saying that I just want to spread the joy that comes with being able to love yourself, a little more, every single day.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, and loving everything about who you are, is certainly not an easy task. It isn’t something that just happens over night- it’s a process. You can easily say one thing, but feel like another. Because we find it so easy just to tell ourselves that we aren’t pretty, and we find it so easy to be able to pick out our own flaws, we forget to focus on the great and wonderful things about us. We forget, that what we are saying impacts not just how we see ourselves, but how others see us too.

My main reason for starting this blog with my friend is because I want to help at least one person, I want to know that what I am saying has some sort of effect on the world. That is what I want to accomplish, the unmistakable feeling that I have helped someone who really needs it. Given them reassurance, of how perfectly imperfect they are, and how people will love them for that. So that is my main reason, it also goes much deeper than that, but personaly, it is not a story that I feel comfortable sharing.

The things that I contribute to this blog will somehow have affected me, either emotionally or generally, and that’s how I know that people can relate to this, because I can too. No person on this entire planet is perfect, if we were all perfect, we would all be the same, and individuality is what makes us who we are. It’s what makes people remember us.

Indivduality. As an individual, you have the right to make choices, about the way you act and the way you see yourself, even the way you see life. An individual is someone who is not afraid to be themselves, and who makes choices that are right for them and not everyone else. I feel that as an individual, I can say a few simple words to myself every day, and it will change everything, how I see others and how I see myself and the world. The words that I say as often to myself as possible are “You are beautiful, you have the right to be who you are and the right to be respected by yourself and others” and I say that to others too, when they need a pick me up, and even, when they don’t. It certainly reminds me of the fact that it is okay to be who I am, and be an individual that can hold her own.

I, as an individual want to change the way we all see ourselves, and the way we perceive beauty. I want to make a difference, and show the world, that young- as I obviously am- can in fact hold values, above my own that compliment a greater good, which has been demonstrated by so many powerful women and men everywhere.

My view on beauty is that we are all beautiful, we should all love ourselves. And accept who we are, we all have stories, they have shaped who we are and the way we feel about ourselves. Once you can accept who you are, feeling gorgeous and great will come naturally.

Don’t let this cruel world bring you down, stop and feel gorgeous instead.


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